Sunshine® Polishing Cloth Replacement Tubes

Sunshine Polishing Cloths in Tubes
Sunshine® Polishing Cloth Tube
Full Size - 7 1/2 " x 5"

Sunshine® Polishing Cloth Replacement Tubes for your store display. They clean and brighten with special non-scratch micro-abrasives. Our unique tube design that makes dispensing and refilling your display easy. Use with our display unit or sell separately, each sold individually.

Suggested Retail $8.99
10 for $39.90 (3.99 ea)
50 for $189.00 (3.78 ea)
100 for $359.00 (3.59 ea)
500 for $1625.00 (3.25 ea)
1000 for $2990.00 (2.99 ea)

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Sunshine® Polishing Cloths are non-staining and easy-to-use cloths to remove tarnish from sterling silver, gold, brass, copper, glass, mirrors and most other surfaces, leaving a deep, long-lasting luster.

To use:
Be sure the item to be cleaned is free from dust and other abrasives. Then very gently rub the surface to be polished. Each cloth is impregnated with special chemical cleansing agents and non-scratching micro-abrasives.

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PO Box 2002 - Spring Hill, TN 37174

Sunshine® Polishing Cloths are manufactured in JAPAN

The tariff code for the sunshine cloths is 6307 10 0000 is a U.S. reseller. Sunshine Polishing Cloths are Made in Japan.
Sunshine® Polishing Cloths is a registered trademark of Rio Grande® Copyright 2017
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